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Sales ki Katha (सेल्स की कथा)

Storytelling is the art which allows the science of Sales to be understood by the customer. If you are trying to answer the question “How to get customers to buy your product?”, you must understand that apart from making use of FAB (Features, Advantages and Benefits) and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) one has to learn to communicate in the form of stories of Sales ki Katha.

Stories help the seller connect emotionally with the buyer. The latter in anticipation exudes adrenaline and oxytocin, two vital secretions required to get the buyer into the buying mood. Sales Ki Katha revolves around 7 types of stories that a salesperson needs to master.

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Do I have to Commit to a Contract?

No contracts. We need to agree on points of consensus and disagree on points of disapproval. This leads to a co-created MOU which is mutually acceptable.

What payment methods are available?

All payments are to be made 100% advance, digitally vide the following instamojo link

Is there any form in which I can explain my challenge to the Sales Coach?

Please click on the link below to capture your self audit of the status of Sales Process in your company

  • We brainstorm with your sales and marketing team to build 7 types of sales story for each product line.
  • The story is curated in a way that the customer connects with the same and relates to them.
  • The percentage of Ideal Customers in your customers portfolio will increase
  • The conversion ratio from a good lead to an order will increase
  • The sales motivation and morale of your sales team will be of the highest standard

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