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We provide 360 degrees solutions on Sales Management for all forms of selling across industry verticals and geographies. We have expertise in Direct Sales, Channel of Distribution, Retail Trade, Modern Retail Trade, Key Account Management, Industrial Selling, Exports and E-Commerce.


Sales Ki Jaat

The DNA of Sales must be there in the skills of a Salesperson for them to practice their Sales skills and Sales Tactics. The Salesmanship skills turbocharged by the DNA of Sales (Sales Ki Jaat) is enriched by our Sales Consultant Skills to ensure that a predetermined degree of Sales Expertise becomes a repository in the skills of the salesperson.


Sales Ki Vidhi

Once the answer to “Why to sell?” is clear to the salesperson, the question of “how to sell?” needs to be answered on priority. This is done through our program titled “Sales ki Vidhi” or Sales Process. This focuses on Sales life cycle, sales methods and techniques and the process of effective selling by making use of the right kind of sales techniques.


Sales Ki Niti

The Sales Strategy (Sales Ki Niti) is an outcome of internalising Sales Planning and Sales Techniques. Once this is done with sales planning process and best sales strategies, we arrive at a successful sales strategy for our clients by optimising the best sales strategies to improve sales and finalising a strategic selling process with winning sales techniques.


Sales Mein Molbhav

In Sales Management, the Sales Negotiation process holds a special place. The outcome of any Sales Negotiation as a result of sales negotiation skills, negotiation tactics in sales, selling and bargaining skills or anything else that leads to selling and negotiation skills form a part of the framework of “Sales Me Molbhav” program


Sales Katha

Storytelling is the art which allows the science of Sales to be understood by the customer. If you are trying to answer the question “How to get customers to buy your product?”, you must understand that apart from making use of FAB (Features, Advantages and Benefits) and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) one has to learn to communicate in the form of stories of Sales Katha.


Sales Ke Rishte

Sales Ke Rishte, customer relationship management system, is a proprietary system developed by us which focuses on customer relationship management tools and features of customer relationship management in a way that it helps the client leverage the Customer LifeTime Value (CLTV).

What We Do in our

Growth Consulting Agency

We work with Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and MSME for growth in Business Performance by leveraging on the Sales Opportunity in their Business Landscape.

We help you complete the sales ecosystem in a way that it facilitates sales.

Customer Persona, Profiling and Targeting, Lead Magnets, Value Bombs, Sales Process, Sales Kit, Sales Metrics, Sales Negotiation Process, Sales SOP’s, Sales Funnel, Sales Organogram, Sales MIS, Business Data Analytics, Sales Performance KRA and KPI

We help you with 3R – Recruitment, Retention & Results from sales teams

From being a part of the selection team to baptizing them into the sales process In a way that they become revenue creators for the company they work for. Role Clarity, KRA and KPI definition, Sales Compensation Tool Kit, Learning & Development, Sales Planning, Sales Metrics, Performance tracking, Remedial programs, Sales Funnel Management, Sales Dash board Mgt, Business Intelligence

We introduce Hubspot CRM and other technology needs of clients.
  • Onboard sales team on free version of Hubspot CRM
  • Dashboard customization on Hubspot
  • Study and introduce other possible avenues of technology at client’s end
We help the client co-create a robust implementable sales strategy.
  • Market Intelligence
  • Market Sensing
  • Strategic input study
  • Strategic Planning process
  • The Go-To Market Plan

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Sales Consulting Pack


  • 1 Month
  • Regression Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Skill - Will of Sales Team
  • Gap Analysis Report


Sales Consulting Pack


  • 1 Month
  • Gap Analysis
  • Go - To Market Plan
  • Mentor and guide sales team for one month @ 5 hrs


Sales Consulting Pack


  • 12 months
  • Go-To Market Plan
  • Sales Collaterals & Sales Training
  • CRM Onboarding
  • Mentor and guide sales team for one year @ 15 hrs/month