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Sales ManEdge has been curated keeping in mind the newborn Sales Managers who till date were salespersons and have now been elevated to become Sales Managers. The users of this program are expected to get an edge in Sales Management.

The challenges of Sales Management, importance of CRM in Sales, role of sales management in marketing, sales management strategies, sales management training programs, sales management process and how to manage the sales management aspect of sales is the hallmark of this program. The Sales ManEdge program has been rated as the best online course for Sales Managers by 96% of its users till now.

The Sales ManEdge program has been rated as the best online course for Sales Managers by 96% of its users till now.
What makes Sales ManEdge the best online course for Sales Managers in India?

  • Focus on the fresh Sales Manager who is transitioning from a Salesperson to a Sales Manager.
  • Empowers Sales Manager to Sell as well as facilitate sales for the team
  • Guides Sales Managers with the best practices so that they get accepted by their sales team at the earliest

Expected to Company (ETC) and New to company (NTC) are the two modes through which the Sales Manager can increase business. To maximise ETC sales, one has to master Customer Relationship Management skills to be able to focus on Referrals, Cross selling and Up Selling. Sales ManEdge helps you in getting the edge on ETC business , besides NTC.

Sales ManEdge teaches that Sales Management must understand the relevance of their inputs towards marketing in terms of Market Sensing, Market Intelligence and Catchment Analysis. There is no sales without marketing and no marketing without sales comes out very clearly in Sales ManEdge program.

Sales ManEdge has modules which focus on Sales Management Strategies. By making use of Ansoff Matrix as a tool, the Sales Manager can learn about the vital 4 options in their Business Strategy Mix i.e. Market Penetration, Market Expansion, Product Development and Market Diversification.

Sales ManEdge advocates the importance of Sales Process in effective Sales Management and suggests a different process based on the form of selling that one is into. KAM sales process can be Action Selling Process whereas Direct Selling can make use of PEAK Selling Process. Concepts of TOFU (Top of Funnel), MOFU (Middle of Funnel) and BOFU (Bottom of Funnel) are explained very well in Sales ManEdge program.

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Key Lessons and Value

How to manage a team of Salespersons?

How to feed Salespersons with leads?

How to do Demand Forecasting?

How to Keep the Sales Team Motivated?

How to maintain Sales MIS?

How to manage Customer Relationship Management to leverage sales?


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  • Duration: 7 Videos of avg duration greater than 30 mts
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