Sales Baptism

The Course in a Snapshot

Sales Baptism is a program which is curated as a Sales Training program for beginners. It has been adjudged as one of the best online sales training courses for Sales freshers by virtue of the 6 Steps in Sales Training process as part of the Sales training process steps covered under the section; Discovering the Sales Function. This program has been used as a necessary Sales training course for beginners by Small and Medium Enterprises like Plastisurge Group, Amravati, Evos Buildcon, Bhubaneshwar, KEMS Engineering, Bengaluru and many more. The unanimous feedback from all its users has been that this is the best online sales training for new employees who join their sales team.

Students of BBA and MBA studying with reputed B-schools have found Sales Baptism as the first step of the Sales training process and a great course in Sales and marketing. The curators of this program have ensured that the steps involved in designing and executing a sales training program resonates the challenges of a sales fresher when the latter hits the sales field.

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The course has 3 Modules:

  • Discovering Sales Function.
  • Fears, Apprehensions & Stress
  • Sales Leadership

Salespersons who have joined the function of Sales as a fresher.


The Science of Sales will help you master the art of selling. If you do not learn it the right way, you will struggle for life with the basics.


0 - 5 years of having joined in Sales function

  • Virtual
  • Totally non threat atmosphere to learn
  • It will help you discover the function of Sales.
  • You will understand your role and responsibility better.
  • All your fears, apprehensions and stress related questions will be answered.
  • You will know the highway of success in sales by understanding Sales Leadership.
  • You will be able to take an informed decision about your sales career.
  • Freshers who have just joined Sales function in a customer facing role
  • Students of Marketing who are doing BBA and MBA programs
  • Client servicing Managers in Advertising agenciesClient servicing Managers in Advertising agencies
  • Counselors working in educational institutions
  • Real Estate Brokers who wish to build a Real Estate brokerage firm
  • Salespersons working with BFSI Industry Vertical or Telecom vertical
  • People who hate sales because they do not understand sales
  • Trained salespersons earn name, fame and money faster than others
  • You need to learn the function of Sales to sustain and enjoy the same
  • The effort – results ratio of a trained salesperson is very good
  • This will help you get off the block from a fresher to a professional
  • Why make mistakes in Sales and get stressed when you can learn to stay away from some obvious ones?
How do you avail the

Sales Baptism program?

Step 1

Use this link to pay your fees for the program

Click here

Step 2

Download the 3 pre recorded videos titled

  • Discover Sales function
  • Fears , Apprehensions and Stress in Sales
  • Sales Leadership

Step 3

Watch each video with active listening

Step 4

Solve workbooks provided with each prerecorded video

Step 5

Fix up a one to one meeting with your Sales Coach to answer your questions live