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Sales Ki Pathshala is a training school for CEO’s , Entrepreneurs and Sales Managers who wish to learn, refresh or relearn the science of Selling based on Marketing and Sales Programs. The school is held every Wednesday from 4 pm to 5 pm over zoom virtual platform live. This live interaction on various aspects of Sales ranging from Suspecting, Prospecting, Lead Generation, Sales Pitching, Sales Process, Objection Handling , Need Analysis, Sales Metrics, Sales Negotiations, Sales Incentive planning, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Loyalty programs, Customer Attrition and Retention, Digital marketing, Social Media Management and many more.

This virtual sales training school also touches upon soft skills required by sales professionals like time management, communication skills, team building, conflict management, leadership skills, Interpersonal skills and Goal setting in life.

Sales Ki Pathshala is a weekly sales training program which has been rated as one of the best online sales training program by its ardent followers viz Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) owners. Some of the followers call Sales Ki Pathshala as The Sales MBA! What makes the program so unique is the fact that each program is supported by toolkits and downloadable content which helps its followers in understanding the subject matter better. Besides desirous students have the option of contacting Mr Sanjay Singh at a one to one level.

Since 2017, not a single Wednesday has gone by without the Sales Ki Pathshala happening and till date not a single topic has been repeated despite the fact that the domain of Sales Management has been stuck to.

Participation in Sales Ki Pathshala is vide annual booking. 25 Sales Ki Pathshala sessions @ 30 mts each will be offered for Rs 4999/-. The validity of this membership in one year and if the incumbent is not able to make use of all 25 sessions in the course of the year, the same is forfeited.

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  • Delivery Method: Over zoom virtual platform live.
  • Duration: 25 Sales Ki Pathshala sessions @ 30 mts
  • Day and Time: Every Wednesday from 4 pm to 5 pm