Sales Marathon

There are so many online sales courses already available. What is the need for a Sales Marathon? How is it different from others?

A good Sales Training program must address the pain or challenges of a Salesperson on the field in a way that they start enjoying Selling. The Sales Training online courses tell you the “what” of Sales. Sales Marathon focuses on the “How” of Sales. This is what makes it a unique and sought after online sales training program. This is an online Sales Certification course which is very useful for all serious practitioners of sales function. Out of the many sales and marketing courses online, the sales management course of Sanjay Singh, The Sales coach, is rated high purely due to its effectiveness and result orientation.

Sales and Marketing Courses Online

There was a demand from students for an online workbook which will help them practice the learning outcomes of the sales management courses and training programs. Sales Marathon gives practical tips and a workbook with checklists and forms to follow the learning outcomes.

Sales Marathon course is a proprietary program of Strategic Concepts (I) Pvt Ltd, one of the top rated sales training companies in India which facilitates Sales Training and curates Sales Courses. Out of all the training programs and Sales Training courses curated by Sanjay till date, Sales Marathon, is one of the best creations for Sales persons.

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Overview of Sales Marathon Program


A condensed understanding of sales function in 7 days flat.


Salespersons who wish to increase their input : output ratio in sales


Sales function must bring name, fame and money to you


0 - 10 years of hands-on experience in sales




7 Pre recorded videos with workbooks available on payment of fees online.

  • Understand the missing links in your practice of sales function
  • Deep dive into the nuances of Sales function to become a better salesperson
  • An opportunity to see the sales landscape in 7 days and understand the areas where you need to leverage..
  • Help you do a SWOT analysis of yourself in sales function
  • Salespersons who are in sales function but do not understand the same end to end
  • Salespersons with a work experience of 0 - 10 years
  • Salespersons who are in customer facing, client servicing, counseling or business development roles
  • It is a condensed course curated out of a hands-on work experience of 28 years in sales
  • It gives the user a panoramic view of Sales function in 7 days flat
  • It will surely help a salesperson make a lot of course correction in sales
  • It is expected that the sales performance should improve after doing this course
  • How to do lead generation?
  • How to make your Sales Pitch?
  • How do you make use of Questioning Skills to do Need Analysis?
  • How do you handle objections from customers?
  • How to conduct Sales Negotiations?
  • How to maintain customer relationships to monetise Lifetime value?
  • You get better value for your time and energy in the form of better compensation
  • Success in sales brings name, fame and money
  • Understanding sales makes you effective and attracts promotions in career
  • It helps you expand your market and scope for business
How do you avail the

Sales Marathon program?

Step 1

Use this link to pay your fees of Rs 2,999/- for the program

Click here

Step 2

Download the 7 pre recorded videos.

Step 3

Watch each video with active listening

Step 4

Solve workbooks provided with each prerecorded video

Step 5

Fix up a one to one meeting with your Sales Coach to answer your questions live

Key Lessons and Value

  • Lead Generation starts with converting infinite databases into finite ones so that one can start working on the same.
  • There is no standard sales pitch. The same has to be crafted extempore.
  • Sell Value. Not Product.
  • Value selling can be done only when need analysis helps you identify the risk or challenge of the customer
  • Sales Negotiation follows the rules of BATNA, and the 7 laws of Sales Negotiation.
  • Customers have a LIfe Time Value and hence should not be looked upon as a single transaction.
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Strategic Concepts (I) Pvt Ltd
  • Delivery Method: 7 Pre recorded videos with 7 workbooks @ 1 for each video
  • Duration: Each video ranges between 45 minutes to 60 minutes
  • Format: Each video has a workbook to be solved.
  • For Q&A, live one to one sessions can be booked with the Sales Trainer over a Zoom call. For this please send in your request to