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Sales mein Molbhav (सेल्स में मोलभाव)

In Sales Management, the Sales Negotiation process holds a special place. The outcome of any Sales Negotiation as a result of sales negotiation skills, negotiation tactics in sales, selling and bargaining skills or anything else that leads to selling and negotiation skills form a part of the framework of “Sales Me Molbhav” program. Selling and Sales Management is fruitless if it does not yield into sales closures which is sustainable and profitable to the seller. The Sales management process, powered by selling and negotiation skills adds luster to the selling process in sales management.

“The Sales Closing Ratio has improved and they are able to close higher ticket sales!”

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Do I have to Commit to a Contract?

No contracts. We need to agree on points of consensus and disagree on points of disapproval. This leads to a co-created MOU which is mutually acceptable.

What payment methods are available?

All payments are to be made 100% advance, digitally vide the following instamojo link.

Is there any form in which I can explain my challenge to the Sales Coach?

Please click on the link below to capture your self audit of the status of Sales Process in your company

  • We empower your sales team on the science of sales negotiations and the 7 laws governing the same
  • We help you in setting up a Sales Negotiation Kit so that decision making can be decentralized
  • We can represent you for big ticket sales negotiations in the market
  • You lose to win in sales negotiations
  • Planning before the sales negotiation helps you negotiate better
  • The theories of BATNA has to be mastered by all team members
  • The 7 Laws of Sales Negotiation and the implications of the same
  • The walk away point is not only about price

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