Sales Ki Vidhi


Sales ki Vidhi (सेल्स की विधि)

Once the answer to “Why to sell?” is clear to the salesperson, the question of “how to sell?” needs to be answered on priority. This is done through our program titled “Sales ki Vidhi” or Sales Process. This focuses on Sales life cycle, sales methods and techniques and the process of effective selling by making use of the right kind of sales techniques.

Once you undertake the “Sales Ki Vidhi” program you will understand the journey of sales inside the Sales Funnel starting from TOFU(Top of Funnel) to MOFU (Middle of Funnel) and BOFU (Bottom of Funnel). The Sales Funnel Ratios which guides the salesperson to build their respective sales funnel for each customer silo or market segment is an important learning outcome of this program. Based on the sales lifecycle of the product or service that one is dealing with, the corresponding Sales Process is prepared. Action Selling System , PEAK Selling System, SPANCO sales System and SPACER Sales system are some examples of sales process used by various leading sales organizations across the globe.

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Do I have to Commit to a Contract?

No contracts. We need to agree on points of consensus and disagree on points of disapproval. This leads to a co-created MOU which is mutually acceptable.

What payment methods are available?

All payments are to be made 100% advance, digitally vide the following instamojo link.

Is there any form in which I can explain my challenge to the Sales Coach?

Please click on the link below to capture your self audit of the status of Sales Process in your company

  • We conduct a “Gap Analysis” between “What sales process is there?” and “What sales process should be there?”
  • On consensus, we prepare an implementation plan which phases out existing Sales Process and introduce new Sales Process without suffering business loss
  • Implement the plan with authenticity and transparency
  • Does the team understand the mathematics of Sales Funnel?
  • Is there a defined system of Lead Generation?
  • How does one engage with a warm lead to make it hot lead?
  • What is the sales pitch to be made?
  • When and what do we propose?
  • How do we handle objections from customer?
  • How do we conduct sales closings?
  • What is the matrix to be followed in sales negotiation?
  • How does one monetise LTV of the customer?

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