Sales Ki Jaat


Sales Ki Jaat (सेल्स की जात)

The DNA of Sales must be installed in each and every member of your sales team for them to become long term sustainable assets. These are traits which are not available at birth. One has to acquire them to baptize themselves into Sales Ki Jaat! Managing a Sales Team without the DNA of Sales is the most expensive mistake that one can make in business. The opportunity loss is much greater than the real loss.

Let me share some DNA secrets of salespersons. If your sales team is baptized with the “Sales Ki Jaat” program they will not suffer from Fear of Failure, Fear of Unknown, Fear of Rejections, Fear of asking Questions and Fear of Challenging Self. In addition, they will understand the power of a positive Sales Pitch and will have a burning desire to conduct the act of Sales Closings.

Not Yet Sure? Let’s Help you with suitable answers to your questions!

Do I have to Commit to a Contract?

No contracts. We need to agree on points of consensus and disagree on points of disapproval. This leads to a co-created MOU which is mutually acceptable.

What payment methods are available?

All payments are to be made 100% advance, digitally vide the following instamojo link

Is there any form in which I can explain my challenge to the Sales Coach?

Please click on the link below to capture your Training and Need Analysis for Sales Ki Jaat

How can we measure Performance of this relationship with the Sales Coach?

At the end of Training and Need Analysis, all Performance Metrics will be postulated in the MOU and mutually agreed upon. The work in Progress is always shared on Trello or Google Drive with SPOC (Single Point of Contact) at the client's end.

Is there any guarantee for Sales Growth?

This will be mentioned in black and white in the MOU which is signed mutually.

Do you serve any penalty clause for non fulfillment of Promises made?

If all points of agreement, as mentioned in the MOU are complied to from both sides, any non performance on Promises made in writing will be served with a penalty of 100% refund of fees taken for the said Promise

What do you do to ensure that change is organic in nature?

There is nothing confidential in all the toolkits , technology and experience shared during the consulting service. While serving the agreement, everything is shared with the client on a real time basis.

Will you appoint a Change Manager while handing over to us?

We have a provision for appointing a Change Manager after handing over. This service is redeemed separately by the client.

Do I have to Commit to a Contract?

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