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Sales Ki Pathshala

Start-up initiatives is often a dream personified. To see ones dream crash land or sometimes never take off is a sad experience. I am sure you do not want to meet the same fate as your startup.                                                    .                                                                                                      .

A sales professional has many qualities which he must have learnt from Lord Ganesh. The huge pair of ears to listen actively, the huge appetite for success, the big eyes to see beyond the obvious and of course the common sense to separate the “No” from “Yes”.

If you focus on the customer acquisition MIS, you lose out on customer retention and vice versa, isn’t it? If you focus on both of these, you tend to lose out to competitors since your MIS did not talk about Market Intelligence.                                                                                                               .

How are Planning and Strategy different? What are the inputs required to develop a Sales Strategy? Is this a topic on which only a corporate or a brand can talk? How relevant is this for an SME?                                                    .

The salesperson will learn to ask questions to the customer with clarity on “why of the how” questions. The salesperson will understand the value of rejection by the customer vis a vis selection of the customer by him.

The theory learnt in “SAREGAMA of Sales” program will be put to practice with live case studies, metrics and process. Management learns, Sales Management in terms of what to review and what not to waste their time on.

Sales Ki Pathshala - Raipur

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