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Sales Ki Pathshala

The salesperson will learn to ask questions to the customer with clarity on “why of the how” questions. The salesperson will understand the value of rejection by the customer vis a vis selection of the customer by him.

The theory learnt in “SAREGAMA of Sales” program will be put to practice with live case studies, metrics and process. Management learns, Sales Management in terms of what to review and what not to waste their time on.

 ☑️Are you in the business of Garments? Footwear? Restaurant? Consumer Electronics? Mobile shop? Any other retail? ☑️Are you tired waiting for lockdown to be over? Join us for the webinar on 3rd June, 4 – 5 PM – https://bit.ly/35fBO3M

How do you do Cloud Mapping? How many sales leads can we expect out of cloud mapping? What is the process of cloud mapping for sales leads? Join us for the webinar on 10th June, 4 – 5 PM – https://bit.ly/35fBO3M

What is the science of Relationship Management with customers? What is the mathematical relationship between relationship building and incremental sales? Join us for the webinar on 17th June, 4 – 5 PM – https://bit.ly/35fBO3M

There is a law of rejection in Sales which will empower you with the algorithm of selection and rejection in Sales. Come Join us for a webinar on 24th June, 4 – 5 PM. For registration click on this link – https://bit.ly/35fBO3M

Sales Ki Pathshala - Raipur

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