Customer does not oblige by talking to salespersons. They help each other.– Sanjay Singh

Let us give up the good to go for the great!

Plan For Customer Experience at SCIPL
The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
We handle all assignments in Relaunch with a disruption attitude. We find that most failed launches do so because there was nothing fresh to offer to the market. We like to co-invent the future with our clients.
It is always hard before it is easy.
Re-launches start of as a hard assignment because budgets are almost finished up in the failed launch and human spirits of the team is also low. Belief levels stand challenged and everyone looks upon the consultant as a savior. We follow the simple rule of “First Things First”.
You play the way you practice.
Re-launch is not to be treated as if the game has changed. The game still remains the same and all the sales practice done by the sales team in the past has to be played once again. We do not want to do new things but the same things differently.

Once bitten , twice shy! It is very important that market metrics are understood in letter and spirit before going in for relaunch of a product or service.

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