Commitment to customers must be upheld by salespersons, come what may.– Sanjay Singh

Salespersons must tell stories that sell. Customers never buy products.

Plan For Customer Experience at SCIPL
The Sales Pitch that helps product positioning
The Sales Pitch must install the concept on which the aspired market positioning is based. For example if a limousine was positioned to be a sporty vehicle and the salesperson talks about a corporate genie as his benefactor the market positioning will be thrown out of the window. We help our clients build sales pitch, which fuels the market positioning.
The Sales Cycle is the Pendant of the Positioning Necklace
The sales call follows a structured flow chart. This is a series of predefined questions which a salesperson is expected to ask his prospects and depending on the “yes” , “no” or “maybe” answers from the prospect the sales cycle proceeds as per the flowchart.
Salespersons code of conduct and ethics must support Positioning
The salespersons code of conduct and ethics must support the Product positioning. A brand cannot promise honesty if its sales force exhibits dishonest. We write the Sales karmas for brands and prepare tool kits for sales teams to follow the same with fervor.

Sales Order Processing of incremental volume of Sales Orders is a bigger challenge than increase the value of sales orders.

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