Customers respect only those salespersons whose employees also respect them.– Sanjay Singh

Methodology is intuition reconstructed in Tranquility

Market Audit precedes any Methodology

First things First. Before looking at any Sales Strategy it is most important to take stock of on ground reality. In this we find out the past trend analysis of the company as well as the industry in terms of market share, market behavior and market sentiments. We also study the trending market elements in vogue and how the market reacts to various stimuli fed by other players in the market.

Proof of Concept Modeling

The POC (Proof of concept) is always done before extrapolating the business model to fetch numbers. POC is always done with a small budget with the sole idea of real time testing of a market prognosis which has to swim tomorrow, with or against the waves.

Never put all eggs in one basket
We hedge between multiple channels of market attack in our Sales Strategy. It is never a pursuit of one best idea but a followership of couple of great ideas. In India each market is like a new country and hence small tweaking of all sales strategy has to be done for the same to test real waters.

Method ensures standard quality.

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