Market Analysis

Customer will negotiate with you till you make him realise that you have reached rock bottom.– Sanjay Singh

Continuous Analysis will eliminate market Paralysis

Plan For Customer Experience at SCIPL
The If-Then-Else Loop in Decision Making
Change is permanent. Market behavior is constantly changing because consumers in the market are continuously evolving. Past does show a trend of future. We believe in continuous analysis of market to translate all data into knowledge and wisdom
Competition teaches us at no fees

Market analysis efforts to track moves of competitor and the results thereof are a great university to learn about sales insights. We do this and document the same on a regular basis.

Our KRA in Market Analysis

The length (Average basket value) and width (Average Basket Size) of customer’s basket is a KRA of all market analysis that we do. This helps us analyse the basket migration phenomenon of customers from one basket to another basket. This study is then extrapolated over taste, lifestyle and attitude shown by customers.

How to improve your soft skills?

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