Customer will negotiate with you till you make him realise that you have reached rock bottom.– Sanjay Singh

The last 10% of launch consumes as much energy as first 90%

The Science Behind Art of Selling
Launch your heart first, your horse will jump over the fence
We strongly believe that the mind must first launch the heart into the act of doing. While working on Sales Strategy for a client, we work closely with the team to launch their heart into it, or else the best sales strategy fail.
All great market launch learn from pre launch failures
Pre launch testing, failures, unlearn, learn and relearn are important steps towards building up great Sales strategy. Documentation of all failures and lesson learning from the same is our hallmark for building great Sales Strategy.
Launch is an exercise in Project Management
We handhold our client as a Project Manager during the launch stage. Our team will understand the Science of processes and Math’s of numbers behind successful launches actively using the Gantt charts, PERT chart and CPM methodologies.

At SCIPL, we assist our clients in new product launches.

When you’re getting ready to launch into space, you’re sitting on a big explosion waiting to happen.