Commitment to customers must be upheld by salespersons, come what may.– Sanjay Singh

Train Insane or Remain the Same.

Plan For Customer Experience at SCIPL
Training only starts when you want to stop
Two schools of thought will never yield results. When we take outsourced assignments for training, it is always with a result in mind and not just to fulfill a training calendar for a client.
We provide on the job training
Modern Retail Trade(MRT) format does not have the privilege of taking out training time separately. In such format stores, we provide on the job coaching. This is live , real time and very experiential.
We train to help crawl, walk and then run in sales
In Sales, we train profiles starting from front line Feet on Streets to National Sales Heads of leading brands. Our training style always aims at incremental growth as part of a process rather than expecting a child to start running without learning how to crawl!
Training cost is better than retaining untrained salespersons
The cost of training sales teams can never be more expensive than keeping untrained salespersons in your team. Besides the actual cost, the loss of market opportunity is too great to ignore.

Sales Order Processing of incremental volume of Sales Orders is a bigger challenge than increase the value of sales orders.

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