Sales Incentives

Completing one assignment in Sales is better than opening multiple of them and not completing anyone.– Sanjay Singh

Motivation eats Talent in Lunch and Intelligence in Dinner.

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Sales Incentives based on Handicap System to bring parity
A fresh or new salesperson cannot be made to compete with an old or experienced salesperson on the same yardsticks. Like the game of Golf, we create a handicap system in sales wherein every salesperson in the team can compete on equal footing.
Team incentives in conjunction with individual incentives
A spoke in the wheel can never be motivated enough to make the wheel rotate smoothly. It is always a team effort and any incentive is successful when spread across the team with varying benchmarks for different team members depending on their function.
Incentivize the sales journey by 70% of budget
The sales journey has to be incentivized to be able to reach the sales destination. As a standard practice we invest 70% of our sales incentive budgets on journey and only 30% on Sales destination.

Give a booster dose to your sales team.

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