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Recruitment, Retention & Results
Sales Management is a professional job. We depute our team of Sales Managers to manage day to day operations of Sales for limited period of time.3R represents three broad challenges for a Sales leadership of any company; viz. Recruitment , Retention & Results. At SCIPL, we not only help our clients to answer the following questions as Sales Management Advisors but even work as Outsourced agency to deliver the three functions on fee basis.

What are the challenges in Recruitment?

  • Getting the right person at the right time for the right job
    •  Job Description
    • Interview
    • Selection
  • How many salespersons are required?
  • What should be the compensation tool kit for the sales team?
  • Who and how will the induction of salespersons happen?
  • Do we recruit across the year because of very high levels of attrition in sales teams?

What are the issues in Retention of sales teams?

  • How do we ensure that new salespersons do not leave after training?
  • After investing on training, a salesperson gets further empowered and starts attracting better salaries from competitors. Why should we invest on them if competitors are going to enjoy their skills?
  • What are the HR policies and best industry practices which helps in retention of sales teams?
  • How do I generate a sense of ownership amongst the sales team members?
  • What should we do to develop trust in the sales team as well as start trusting them?
  • The ones that we retain are not the ones that we want to and the ones that we lose are the ones which we always wanted to retain. How do I handle this sad story of sales team retention in our organisation?
  • What kind of incentive schemes will motivate the sales team to have a high morale and effective working?

How do we drive “Results” from sales teams?

  • What are the sales metrics which can be used to measure results of sales teams?
  • How do we handle “burnout syndrome” against hard working salespersons?
  • How do we help sales teams to manage sales dashboards better?
  • To drive sales results we need to enforce Sales from prospects, references, cross selling as well as up selling. Who can train my sales teams on the science behind the art of selling?
  • What are the Key Result Areas which will help us get desired results in sales?

Human beings are assets which appreciate with time, unlike Plant and Machinery which depreciates with time.

Human beings are assets which appreciate with time, unlike Plant and Machinery which depreciates with time.

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