Sales Management

Commitment to customers must be upheld by salespersons, come what may.– Sanjay Singh

All good salespersons do not make great Sales Managers.

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The Sales Management Checklist

We mentor the Sales Manager in the system to manage the journey of sales as well as the destination of sales. On the HR front, he needs to manage the motivation and morale levels of the sales team and always lead by example.

The Sales Managers Performance Index
We measure the Performance Index in terms of Average Basket Value(ABV), Average Basket Size (ABS), Min no of Sales Calls/day, Sales Funnel Ratio compliance. In addition the ability to open up new market segments for same product or new markets for new products is also seen.
The Attitude to Achieve Targets

Sales Targets taken must be achieved at least 10 out of 12 months. We mentor the Sales Managers towards this goal.

The Weekly Review System
We review client’s Sales Managers once in a week to analyse their sales teams performance last week and to plan for the coming week.

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