Customer Experience

Customers respect only those salespersons whose employees also respect them.– Sanjay Singh

Great CX only happens with a Plan

Plan For Customer Experience at SCIPL

If you fail to plan for Customer Experience(CX), you plan to fail ! Nothing happens by default.  Allow us  to frame your CD design.

The Customer Experience Cycle
All customer touch points are evaluated on the norms of customer experience like ease of use, relevance, scripts used, sharing expectation matrix with customers.
The CX Management Approach at SCIPL
The integration of CX Management Hub with CX Delivery Operations and CX Customer Centric Operating Model is always a Key Result Area for us when we work on the CX model for our clients.
86% Customers pay more money when CX is great
All initiatives in CX is mapped towards increment in sales and profits of the client. Till date 86% customers have been found to be ready to buy more when their CX with you is high.

Good Service Is Good Business.

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