CEO Mentorship

CEO’s unless coached, cannot reach their maximum potential.

We coach to unlock sales potential in you
Coaches have never performed better than their best student but the latter owe their existence to the coach. We know how to unlock the door of your potential not because we are more intelligent or more successful than you but simply because we are better locksmiths for the doors of possibility.
“I do not know, what I do not know” in Sales
CEO’s who are not from sales background often fall prey to their ignorance about the function of sales. They need to master this function of sales because this is the only function, which brings in sales to the organisation.
A brain to pick, an ear to listen, a push in the right direction
SME CEO’s have no boss to report to and hence many of their mistakes are passed off as market irregularities. This program helps a SME CEO bounce off his ideas on sales and marketing against a seasoned and experienced wall of reasoning, questioning and understanding.

Training is a Process.

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