Market Penetration

Density of Customers decides Cost of Acquisition.

Density mapping of customers
In each route covered by a salesperson, we map the density of customers vis a vis prospects. This gives us an idea of the degree of market penetration in a given route. This study when extrapolated with density of competitor’s customers gives necessary inputs towards a robust Go-To-Market Plan.
New Customers in Same Markets
Focus on given markets helps our clients make more customers in same markets thereby leading to an increase in density of customers per market and therefore the cost of acquisition per market per customer
New Customers in Different Markets
Analysis of data leads to markets, which have not been touched by the clients sales team. We help clients identify such markets and prepare to monetize such opportunities
Alternate Trade Channels increases Penetration

ATC (Alternate Trade Channels) are market counters which are not conventionally sold to directly by competing products in the past. For example, if a biscuit manufacturer approaches a hospital for selling biscuits in addition to the regular trade channel, we will call it ATC.

Good marketers measure.

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