Sales Training and Need Analysis

One Cap does not fit all.

Sales Training Programs at Strategic Concepts
Right Content to the Right Person at the Right Time
Salespersons have various challenges ranging from Lead Generation to Sales closings. It is important to segregate the team into homogeneous groups with common challenges.
Learning style decides pedagogy used
Some salespersons learn by doing, others learn be seeing others do and still others learn by learning. Once we understand the learning style of candidates before training, the trainer can align the pedagogy to the need of the training program.
Training. Coaching. Mentoring
An effective combination of Training, Coaching and Mentoring only can yield good results post sales training. The TNA (Training and Need Analysis) ensures that training yields results.

Training is a Process.

Please do not treat is as an Event and waste your resources. For understanding TNA of
your sales team
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