Sales Process

Process that turbocharges results.

Sales Process Steps For Customer Retention By Best Sales Trainer
People, Process & Procedures
Salespersons must be aligned to a pre-defined process, which is backed by a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) at each level to ensure results. Lead Generation, Sales Process, Sales Installation, Service, Customer loyalty, Customer Retention and a positive word of mouth leading to customer advocates fuel the engine of sales. The start and end points of each process is as important as the key deliverables of each process.
Processes should seamlessly converge into each other
We define sales process, which assist the salesperson with tool kits to understand the time management aspect of each process in sales. The sales metrics defined help the salesperson in understanding the relay race of processes in sales
Just Do It
Our scientifically designed sales process for our clients can be followed by all and sundry in the system. You just do it, we will track irregularities, if any, till they become almost perfect for you

You need a process even to cook potato curry. Sales is definitely more complex than this.

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