Sales Performance Management

Customer will negotiate with you till you make him realise that you have reached rock bottom.– Sanjay Singh

Performance is all about Sales Journey.

Sales Performance Management With Strategic Concepts
Performing salespersons can get Productive
The journey of sales (sales performance) leads to sales destination( sales productivity). We empower you to understand, measure, improve and excel in your sales journey
Sales Performance is linked to compensation plan
Our sales compensation tool kit ensures that you know the growth matrix of each salesperson in the team respectively and they are able to calculate their own sales incentives and compensation. Promotions, Rewards, Recognitions, Awards, Accolades, Termination and Appreciation.
Sales performance is triggered by best practices
The common minimum program (CMP) that we introduce in all client partner organizations are as follows:
  • Every day is a fresh day in sales and past baggage should not spoil the mood of the salesperson early in the morning.
  • Every End of Day (EOD) is analysis time.
  • Sales teams respond well to fast decision making almost on real time basis.
  • The ideas of salespersons must be listened to periodically.
  • Sales teams adapt change only if change management process is installed in the organization
  • Learning and Development is an everyday activity in sales organizations

Performance leads to effective results. Productivity can at best lead to efficiency.

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