Sales Appraisals

Tigers, Horses & Knights in Sales Teams.

Understanding Of Sales Appraisals By Sales Team Of Strategic Concepts
No one else can appraise sales teams
Themselves can only assess salespersons. Anyone who does not understand the function of sales cannot appreciate the nuances of sales and its management. We design customized growth matrix for each member of the sales team wherein each member can decide their payout, fixed and variable, incentives, commissions, awards & accolades, rewards & recognitions.
Self Appraisals has a 360 degrees outlook
The automated systems is accessible to salespersons on their mobile app, wherein every sales karma input by them is translated into self appraisal points. Direct Peers, Direct Superiors, Cross Functional peers, Cross Functional superiors can also rate each salesperson. Customers are also allowed to rate each salesperson after every sales transaction.
Performance Appraisals Redemption
All appraisal points collated by each salesperson can be redeemed on real time basis depending on the redemption schemes valid at a given point of time for a given category of salesperson. The system encourages and incentivizes parking of appraisal points for longer periods of time.

Appraisals and Assessments are best left to experts who have worked on the other side of the table in Sales.

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