We list below some of the most common questions asked to us by our esteemed clients when we meet them for the first time.

Role and Responsibility

What role do you play while servicing the client?
What responsibility can we expect you to fulfill?
What role do you want your client to play?
What is the responsibility of the client?

Nature and Scope of Work

What is the nature of work undertaken by SCIPL?
Is it possible to outsource the Sales Dept of our company to you?
What are the industry verticals that your team is comfortable with?
What forms of selling do you cater to?
Do you advise clients on Acotrade schemes and offers?
Do you assist clients in recruitment of sales team and their training?
Do you map competition for your client in terms of classified information of the clientaes competitor?
What, according to your experience, is the most often problem noticed amongst your clients?

Professional Fees

What are your charges?
Why do you insist on a 100% advance from your clients? Don't you trust them?
Why do you avoid taking fees in cash?
Why don't you entertain any discussion on discounts or offers?
You call your services affordable whereas we feel that your fees tariff is too high. How do you explain this?
How do you compare your fees with the other consultants in the market?