Smart Sales Closing Habits Or Techniques

12 Winning Sales Closing Habits

Salesperson often grapples with the algorithm of Sales Closings and end up in meeting lot of prospects but not closing enough. This blog will talk about 10 Smart Winning habits of a salesperson, which helps him in closing more sales. 1. Never Close...

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Sales Strategy for SME CEO in Sales Ki Pathshala

What are the 3 inputs that sets the ground for preparing a winning Sales Strategy? Product must be ___________________ , __________________ & ________________ Service levels must be ___________________ , __________________ & ________________ Relationships must be ___________________ , __________________ & _________________ What are the...

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Sales Funnel Model From Lead Generation Upto Closing Of A Sale

Maintain a Robust Sales Funnel

A robust sales funnel today is a guarantee of great sales tomorrow. Successful sales professionals understand and appreciate the importance of a robust Sales Funnel Management. How do you make your sales funnel robust? 1. Maximise your contact base by accumulating as much data...

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Ram and Ravana inside Salespersons

I often look upon the salesman as a Ram bestowed with additional powers of Krishna and Durga. Well today being Ramnavami, let us look at the Ram and Ravana aspect of a Sales Consultant. The Ram like aspects of a Salespersons 1. Reviews target...

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