12 Sales KPI’s you must track

The Key Result Areas in Sales need a yardstick to be tracked. This yardstick or benchmark for each KRA is known as KPI (Key Performance Indicator). We can say that KPI is the scale on which KRA achievement of a salesperson is measured. If...

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8 Sales Metrics in Sales Management

If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it! Sales Metrics refer to those aspects of sales which must be measured for informed decision making. In the absence of these metrics marketers tend to hit in the dark and squander their precious little resources. ...

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10 Things to do in Sales in Lockdown

Pandemic times can be stressful, especially for those SME and MSME enterprises, whose salespersons are clueless about how they can continue to generate cash for their enterprise in these lockdown times.  #workfromhome #covid-19 #lockdowntimes 10 Everyday Pointers for Salespersons Tele-call 19 new numbers  which...

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