Who is your Customer?


The naive answer to this question could be “anyone willing to buy my product or service is my customer” or “anyone who has a need which can be fulfilled by my product or service is my customer”.

I would not like to enter into a debate by saying that these answers are wrong. Nevertheless these answers have never taken me even one step closer to my prospects. Let us look at some yardsticks to define our customers. Yardsticks which can be defined numerically. This is important because anything that can be measured, can be monitored.

  1. Demographics
  2. Psycho graphics – Lifestyle, Belief, Attitude
  3. Income graphics
  4. Firmo – graphics

Try defining your customers along these yardsticks in numeric terms. You will find the job of locating your customers much more easier.

Let us stop shooting in the dark by first defining our customers.