What is missing?

In a typical customer – salesperson interaction , there are many occasions wherein the customer likes your offer and most of the product explanation and cost justification but still does not buy the product. This leaves the salesperson wondering as to what is missing that he is not able to close the deal.

If you are also stuck up on such cross roads, please follow these steps:

  1. Look at the transaction from customers perspective and not your view point.
  2. Answer the question – What will the customer lose by not buying your product now?
  3. Ask yourself – Why should the customer patronize you for this sale? Maybe he likes your product but not you as muc

Once you have followed the three steps mentioned above, weave the facts gathered into a nice story for the customer to digest. It is generally this extempore crafted story which is missing in the sales process because of which the closing ratio amongst freshers is limited.