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Does your customer trust you?

It is very important that your customer trusts you. What are the levels of trust that a customer can have on you? Level 1 Trust: Commodity : The customer pays money for a product or service that you deliver....

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8 Great Qualities of Sales Management

All great salespersons are not great Sales Managers All Great Sales Managers are also Great Sales persons Any company which invests in its good salespersons to make them great sales managers are always blessed with more and more sales....

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Everybody, Somebody,Nobody, Anybody

Whenever we have these 4 characters called Everybody, Somebody, Nobody and Anybody in any organisation, there is total lack of Accountability. The following cartoon will elucidate my feelings on this subject matter. The morale of the story is Even...

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5 Game changer Tips in Sales Training

It has been an age old practice to align the mindset of salespersons in mass towards a desired result in Sales by motivating them and dumping a set of Product Features in their minds by the rote method of...

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sales performance

5 Parameters to judge Sales Performance

It really is customary to check out sales output in conditions of no of systems sold or the worthiness of billing done or the quantity of money accumulated from the marketplace. Sales performance management is something beyond efficiency in...

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22 Answers that Precedes Sales Advisory

A Sales Advisor will always seek to know valid answers to the following 22 questions before attempting to advise. It is a great idea to find these answers before empaneling a Sales Advisory Services on your board. What is...

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