Yours , Mine or Ours! I have been taught as a salesperson that there is nothing called “Right” or “Wrong”. Whenever you try to prove a “Right” the next obvious question to ask is “Whose Right?” – Yours , Mine or Ours!

Example 1:

Salesperson – This price is right because I don’t want to cut any corners in my service to you.

Customer – This price is not right. You don’t bother about service because that you are duty bound to give anyways!

Example 2:

Salesperson – Let us focus on Quality “A” because Quality “B” is too expensive for you.

Customer – Why can’t you give me Quality “B” for the price of “A”?

Example 3:

Salesperson – I cannot replace this spare part to you because the same is damaged due to an error of usage by you.

Customer – If I erred in usage, it is still your problem because you never bothered to teach me as to how best to use this spare part. Now that it is spoilt why are you blaming me?

Looking at the examples above , it is important for all sales professionals to understand that anything in this world is “Right” depending on the perspective. The Buyer and Seller can never have the same perspective.

Hence salesperson should never try to talk about “Right” and “Wrong”. He should actually find out (through a structured process of Need Analysis) what is “Right” for the customer in question before proceeding to establish the same.

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