Train your mind to hear “YES”​

No, is the easiest answer to give as well as to accept. “Yes” is not an answer. It is an attitude to look at things and live life.

“No” is a natural outcome of any activity where the degree of difficulty keeps on getting higher. “Yes” is an attitude which makes you look at the same positively and many a times this positive approach helps you to convert the “No” into a “Yes”.

I am a sales professional and hence would like to quote certain real life examples of how this attitude of “Yes” and inability to hear a “No” has helped in life to be successful.

  1. I approached a leading telecom company (name with held) as a Sales Trainer in 2004 and I was told that I am a small player in the market and did not have the necessary turnover to become a trainer of such a large conglomerate. I did not hear their “No” and said that if they found me competent as a sales trainer, I was ready to work for training their teams at zero cost till they felt that my low turnover did not matter to them. They tried me for 3 months and empanelled me as a Sales Trainer in the 4th month and even paid me my fees for the 3 months that they had put me on trials.
  2. Sometimes in 2011, I was representing an MNC for a sales negotiation where the commercial committee told us that my client did not have the credential to win the tender although the price quoted by my client was L1 in the tender. I did not hear their “No”. We came out and asked my client to throw a huge party on the same evening to announce that the tender was won by my client (unofficially though) and to my surprise the competitors , who were also invited to the party, spilled the beans. Next day we reappeared in front of the tender committee and fought our case out and won the tender!

These are just 2 incidents quoted here which perhaps represents a set of at least 200 such case studies in my person sales carrier of 33 years. It is also true that there must be another 500 cases where I did not hear a “No” but still ended up with a “No”. This however does not matter to me because if I had heard “No’ ever in my life, I would not have been able to script the 200 success stories in my life where I was able to convert a “No” into a “Yes”.

Yes, I say Yes because I believe in it!

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