Strategy is a Fashionable Word.

Strategy is very often used as a synonym of Planning. The fashionable use of this word sometimes takes away the meaning of the very concept. The best way to explain the practice this concept is through the 4P method of Prepare, Plan, Practice and Perfect. Under each of these headings, one needs to ask oneself some relevant questions; the answers to which will lead to a good sales strategy.


Who is your ideal customer profile (TG: Target Group)?

How does your TG fulfil the need, which you want to cater to right now?

How do you propose to fulfil the need better than your competitors?

Will you be able to sustain your competitive advantage over a long term?

Will your product or service in any way meaningfully change the life of TG?


How will you reach out to your TG?

How fast will you be able to reach out to your TG?

What ploy will you use to create the urgency to buy in your TG?

How will you leverage your weakness?

What are the expected reactions of the competitors and how will you counter them?

What are your break even points?


What are the hypothesis on which your planning is based?

When and how will you test your entire hypothesis so that nothing is left to assumption?


What is your Go-To Market Plan?

What are your SMART Goals?

What are your pre decided milestones where you will celebrate with your team?

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