Strategy Can Dictate Sales

Sales Strategy comes out very clearly in the Barrett Strategy Model shown below :

Together with Marketing Strategy, it comprises of Business sales strategy. In order to completely implement the same, the Methodology adopted and the Sales Metrics measured/tracked becomes very important.

The Sales Strategy Framework

a) The Journey from Efficiency to Excellence

  • Is the sales force (and channels) organized for optimal coverage of selected markets?
  • Is support adequate to maximize the selling effort?
  • Does the sales force have adequate coaching and supervision?
  • Does the incentive compensation plan meet management’s objectives and pay the sales force fairly?
  • Does the recruiting and training match selling skill requirements?
  • Are information systems being fully utilized to support the selling effort?

Only when these questions are answered fairly by top sales management training, can we endeavor to finally ask the vital question as a necessary input to sales strategy, ie

a) What is the value proposition and role of the sales team in its delivery?

So folks,next time you sit down to document a sales strategy, please raise these questions and study this framework before doing the same. Surely, then Sales Strategy can dictate sales growth.

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