The Santa Claus in Salespersons

Santa Claus represents Evangelists who bring happiness to peoples life with a “No Conditions Apply!” approach.

  • It will be a good idea for all salespersons to become Santa on X-Mas day in one or all of the following ways:
    Meet, Greet Customers unsolicited and offer a free check up or service call.
  • Drop a goody bag at customers doorsteps with a message – Whenever you need a Santa Claus, Think about us!”
  • Call customers and teach them a new application on your product or service which the customer has not hitherto used.
  • Meet the customer and ask them to give you Santa points on a scale of 0 -10 based on your last years service levels offered to the customer.
  • Drop an SMS to the customer – “We will always uphold the Santa Claus in us. First Time, Every time!”

It is important for all Salespersons to re look on their Sales Karma’s on this day and ask themselves whether they deserve to be called the Santa Claus in their customers lives. Do they offer their service to their customers on a “No Conditions Apply!” approach?

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