Prospect Engagement Model

Leads which have a potential to buy your product or service but have not yet decided to do so are known as prospects.

These prospects who say “NO” to the sales call need to be suitable engaged on a “Journey from No to Yes”. How does one do this?

We have to conduct a “From – To” approach to such prospects. Try answering the following questions about the customer on a “From – To” mode:

  • How is the prospect catering to the need which your proposed product/service promises to resolve?
  • How much money does the prospect spend on the need resolution today?
  • What could be the wish list of the prospect in the experience of resolving the need as on date?

The answer to these 3 questions , if woven suitably into the FAB (Features, Advantage and Benefits) of your product, will help you in engaging all such prospects who say “No” to your sales call.

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