“MisUsing” Consultants

Do not waste money on Consultants, if you have decided that you will never USE their services and will always end up paying their fees for MISUSING them.

In my experience as a practicing Sales Management Consultant for the last 17 years, I do come across clients who have the following to say:
I know the problem as well as the solution but do not have the time to implement them.( Why do you need a consultant in the first place?)

  • We have tried all this and failed in the past. Tell us something new. (Implementation is the key. Do same things differently)
  • I will delegate responsibility of performance to you. I will retain all the authorities required to do so. (Responsibility can never be delegated)
  • I must get tangible results for every penny that I pay you. I do not believe on intangibles. (Nothing is intangible if you know how to measure it)
  • What do you know about my business? Let me tell you what is to be done and you just get it done. ( Look for an employee in that case)

Whenever I encounter clients , who raise any or all of these 5 questions, I know that I cannot make much of a difference to their work. In as much as I try to submit sense on their table of discussion, attitudes are difficult to amend.

I sincerely implore all readers of this blog to start using the services of a consultant after having chosen one rather than continue to misuse them and yet pay a fee!

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