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Cold Calling is one of the oldest technique of lead generation in Direct Selling. In as much as this method is very expensive as well as very demanding for the salesperson, any company, which has mastered this art, is very competitive in the market.

The 7 Cs prescribed above are pre requisites:

  1. Confidence : To meet a person unsolicited by putting your leg in the door.
  2. Compel: The purpose of Cold calling must be very compelling.
  3. Clear your mind: The Salespersons mindset has to be kept in the back burner in Sales.
  4. Communicate: Listen effectively and Talk less.
  5. Change: Script, approach etc
  6. Call: Maximise touchpoints everyday.
  7. Clean your data: Everyday. Nothing but change is permanent.

Cold Calling is highly recommended in cases of concept selling.

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