I come across lot of youngsters who carry their head over their shoulders and have the awareness and acumen to “Think Fresh” and “Think Big” about their future. They are toying with some brilliant ideas of entrepreneurship and keep on asking themselves this question:

Question: Is it Good Enough to Start?

Answer: I need some more time to get good enough to start.

This blog is addressed to all such youngsters who are waiting for the right time to start off on their entrepreneurial journey.

This world is so great and huge that at any point of time there are always 10 people better than you and at least 10 people not as good as you are. Your relative position in the queue of life will always remain same. Even when you are much better than what you are today, you will keep on discovering at least 10 more people who are still better than you and of course 10 new sets of people are not as good as you are now.

When people wait for perfection before kicking off their entrepreneurial journey, for me it is sheer waste of time. Just do it! as Nike brand says. Achieving perfection is much easier when you do something, make mistakes, don’t repeat mistakes and keep on doing it better every time. This is only possible when you just do it and not when you just think of doing it.

What say friends? Shall we start today or tomorrow.

Give “Today” a chance to become “Tomorrow”.

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