Express 2 Excite Prospects

  • Which of the following applies to you as a salesperson when you EXPRESS facts and figures to your customers:
    Do you express to impress?
  • Do you express to explain yourself better?
  • Do you express to elucidate your point?
  • Do you express to excite?
  • Do you just express without any game plan in mind?

These are different style followed by different salespersons. I strongly recommend that a good salesperson should “Express2Excite” a prospect.

Unless the person is excited to talk to you, the latter will not extend a listening ear to you.,

Without a listening ear of the customer, you will never excel in your sales efforts.

In a nutshell, Sales is not about outsmarting the prospect into listening to you. It is all about methodically

  • Methodically exciting the customer
  • Inducing the customer to extend a listening ear to you
  • Excel in Sales

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