Code of Conduct – Sales Dept

This is a golden opportunity. Let us use the new year to infuse a code of conduct for our Sales Dept.

A written code of conduct which is monitored at individual level for all members of Sales Dept has yielded great results in promoting the right “ Karmas of Sales” in the team sales training.


  1. Uphold and add value to the brand that you represent.
  2. Punctuality and Fair-deal are very important brand attributes. Please appreciate and believe in them.
  3. Say Yes only when you want to or else say No
  4. You cannot make any difference in this world all alone. Learn to work in teams.
  5. Do the same work differently to become creative.
  6. Stretch your imagination out of the box to understand things better.
  7. Challenge yourself not others.
  8. You are good. Become better by following the Plus One and ER sales strategy.
  9. Every day is the most important word in your professional life.
  10. Follow M.I.S.(Management Information Systems) laid down for you by the company.

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  1. Maintain a PQ (Promise Quotient) level greater than 1.
  2. Never fear mistakes. People who work will make mistakes.
  3. Never repeat a mistake. It is very unprofessional if you do this.
  4. It is perfectly normal to have a difference of opinion with any one. Never refuse a listening ear to them.
  5. Do not deny the opportunity of talking to yourself every day.
  6. You were employed as a normal human being. Do not try to become God or behave like a Superman.
  7. Do not lose focus of your job deliverables for sales growth
  8. Do not play politics.
  9. Talk about a problem unless you have a proposed solution with you.
  10. Do not fear being framed in this organisation. Your boss will be responsible for all that you do.


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