5 Pre requisites in a Salesperson

Small and Medium Enterprises often fail to solve the problem of recruiting the right salesperson who can be retained in the system to give right results first time, every time. This makes the whole process of forming a sales team sales training so much more painful and expensive.


What are the minimum qualities that we should look for in a new sales person?

  1. Listening Skills : My salesperson should not be a great talker. He should have the capability to make the customer talk and listen well.
  2. Story Telling: Customers like to listen “Facts” weaved in a story. Blank facts, if not laced in a story, sounds very boring to customers.
  3. Organised in life: Salespersons must be very organised with their data and information sales growth.
  4. Self Discipline: This is of paramount importance. Self discipline in life with time, papers, documents etc is very important for a salesperson.
  5. Wall-Climber: The tenacity and sagacity to look for solutions even when you are facing a wall so that you are able to climb the “wall” and get over it to move on is very important for a salesperson.

What are the qualities that the HR dept is supposed to induce in a sales person sales strategy after they join your organisation?

  1. A sales belief system which will “install” the following
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Engagement
  • Sales Negotiations
  • Sales Funnel Management
  • Customer Satisfaction Index
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Service Recovery
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Farming a customer transaction into a Life Time Value

When we look for all this in a salesperson even before he or she is inducted into the system , one of the following two will happen:

  1. You will get a salesperson with a very strong belief system which may or may not be aligned to your organisations belief system.
  2. You will never be satisfied with the kind of salesperson that you get because even Lord Krishna will not be able to exhibit all the qualities that you look for in a salesperson.

Let us be more pragmatic and ask ourselves as to what we want before we go out to advertise and interview for new talent.

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