They Select as you Reject

While hiring members in your sales team you set out with a view to select the best whereas the prospective candidate on the other side of the table is ready to reject you and finally select the best option left for them sales training.

This is indeed paradoxical. We need to understand whether we are in a “Rejection Mode” or “Selection Mode”. Sales Growth
How often do you present yourself in the best possible way realizing that candidates are also selecting you?

  • Does your “reception” handle incoming footfalls professionally?
  • Have you worked on the system of ushering in new candidates for interview?
  • The person taking interviews from your side is trained to handle interviews or does he just shower a volley of meaningless and incoherent questions?
  • How is your behavior and language while the interview is being conducted?
  • Do you end up asking the same set of questions to most of the candidates?
  • Post interview, does your office send a thank you email to the candidate regardless of their selection or rejection in the same?

These and many more questions will make you realise that when we set out to select good candidates , we also need to prepare and present ourselves as good recruiters sales consultant.

Remember, they are selecting us as well!

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