Sleep with Challenges, Arise with Solutions!

This blog is written with a very specific reference to professionals who delve in entrepreneurship, business development, selling and growth.

The best time of the day to brood over challenges, issues and bottlenecks is just before going to bed in the night. One might argue that leave your problems in office and meditate before sleeping, I strongly believe that the best way to meditate before sleeping is brood over your problems before sleeping.

Ask yourself – What are the challenges that inhibit you to achieve your targets, sales training goals and ambitions?

In your subliminal state of mind you will talk/debtate/argue/fight with yourself and trust me, when you get up in the morning you have some interesting points of view in your mind. It almost seems that your challenges were churned in the factory of your mind for the whole night to give you interesting sales strategy solutions in the morning!

Needless to say that when you go to sleep after drinking alcohol , late night tired after a party, fight with someone before sleeping or have a heated discussion on phone with someone at night you are not eligible for meditating with yourself .

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