Santa in every good Salesperson!

santa in salesperson

I very strongly believe that there is a Santa Claus in every good Salesperson on Earth.

Let me cite the 10 reasons in support of my claim above on behalf of good salespersons on Earth :

  1. Always smiling and ready to serve sales training.
  2. Do not nurse a vengeance against customers even if the latter is wrong.
  3. Always has a goody bag for good customers. The gifts come with a “No Conditions Apply!”
  4. Create a positive aura wherever they go.
  5. Harbinger of “good and happy times to come”
  6. Like the 7 reindeers of Santa Claus, a Salesperson has 5 reindeer like thoughts for maintaining best customer relationships – SWITS – Sorry, Wish, Inform, Thanks, Share
  7. Never dupes or cheats with any customer sales growth.
  8. There are always at least 10 good people who are ready to vouch for a good salesperson.
  9. There are no criteria of caste, creed or religion to become Santa just like there is none to become a good salesperson sales strategy!
  10. All and sundry love Santa just as they love a good salesperson!

Friends, on this occasion of Christmas, 2017 I wish all my fellow salespersons a very Merry Christmas and hope and pray that they never allow the Santa in them to die!

Sanjay Singh is the Chief Knowledge Resource of Strategic Concepts (I) Pvt Ltd, Nagpur. He has a hands on working experience of 33 years in Sales Management across industry verticals and geographies in the global market. He can be contacted on 9970506000 for any clarification on this blog. For more details log on to

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