Salespersons must be Influencers

Are you a good Influencer? Rate yourself by answering the following questions. You may refer to the notes at the end of this blog to facilitate your answers.

  1. Which of the following do you do to ensure that you develop Persuasive skills in yourself?
  2. Sit on the customers mind like a bee on flower
  3. Stick to your point, no matter what the customer feels or says
  4. Craft a middle path on every objection raised by customer
  5. Agree to disagree with the customer
  6. None of the above
  7. All of the above
  8. Which of the following will ensure that you are not logical?
  9. If customers logic is wrong, you teach him your right logic
  10. You always look for your logic within customers logic
  11. You first try to disprove customers logic sales growth
  12. You arrive at the correct logic rather than telling your correct logic
  13. All of the above
  14. None of the above
  15. Which of the following is True and False? Please tick accordingly.
  16. Absolute truth is a myth.
  17. Absolute false is a reality.
  18. Positive and Negative aspects of an argument depends on the perspective of the person talking
  19. To be positive in a discussion one has to start with customers aspect of positive discussion and steer the same to your aspect of positive discussion
  20. None of the above
  21. All of the above
  22. How do you practically stay calm?
  23. By trying to take heavy breaths whenever BP is high
  24. By not getting excited on anything sales training
  25. By learning early in the negotiation about the expectation matrix of the person that we are trying to influence
  26. None of the above
  27. All of the above
  28. How do you tactfully challenge the views of others without annoying them?
  29. By vociferously rebutting the points made by the other person sales strategy
  30. By actively listening to the other person and discussing weak links in the same
  31. By raising your voice
  32. By showing a strong body language
  33. None of the above
  34. All of the above
  35. How do you handle objections of the other person?
  36. By putting a strong logic in your favour
  37. By showing the weakness of customers logic
  38. By finding a common ground of discussion with the customer
  39. None of the above
  40. All of the above
  41. What is most important to you when you are negotiating?
  42. Good listener sales consultant
  43. Active listener
  44. None of the above
  45. All of the above
  46. What should you be ready to compromise?
  47. Stand
  48. View
  49. Objective
  50. Profit
  51. Ego
  52. Victory

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