Role of SME CEO in Sales

It has been seen that CEOs either totally ignore the function of Sales Management or take it so seriously that they hardly are left with any time to cater to other functions of management.

The CEO, especially in a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), is expected to perform the following function of Sales:

  1. Establish proof of concept by personally selling to a limited no of prospects and then conduct Demand Forecasting exercise based on valid data.
  2. Periodically visit suspects, prospects, customers and consumers to understand and listen to voice of customers
  3. State Moment of Truth (MOT) for the brand based on customer expectation matrix and satisfaction index.
  4. Must try to personally handle as many customer complaints, as time permits
  5. Must involve himself /herself with every beta launch of a new product
  6. Necessarily participate in Sales Strategy Formulation as part of the team led by Sales Head. This is also to ensure that the integration of sales strategy happens with other functions of management.
  7. Involve self in the function of CRM(Customer Relationship Management)
  8. Work on ways and means to ideate and create lifetime value of a customer.
  9. Authorise budgets and timeframes for sales function
  10. Sanction Code of Ethics and Karmas of Sales
  11. Review Sales Dashboard weekly

The CEO should definitely not involve in the following aspects of Sales Management and keep a professional Sales Manager ( or outsource the function to a professional agency)for the same:

  1. Day to day selling
  2. Target setting
  3. Route mapping
  4. Sales policy
  5. MIS review daily
  6. Preparing incentive schemes
  7. Awards and Recognitions
  8. Training sales team
  9. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  10. FAB (Feature , Advantage, Benefit)statement
  11. Sales Kit
  12. Customer Loyalty
  13. Customer Relationship Management implementation
  14. Review
  15. Recruitment
  16. Induction

If the CEO involves himself in the wrong aspects of Sales Function, it is bound to create trouble for him.

Sales is the revenue delivery arm of management. It is a specialty function of management which should always be handled by a specialist. You do not allow a General practitioner to facilitate delivery of your child, isn’t it? You will always trust in a trained gynecologist for the same!

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