Know your territory like Shivaji Maharaj

What is so great about Shivaji Maharaj?

He practiced the art of Guerrilla Warfare. This was possible due to the in depth of knowledge of topography from where he operated sales training.

He knew every canal, ditch, cave, hillock and mountain of Sahyadri Hills. He would drop a bomb on advancing enemy from a hillock and vanish with his entire team through an unheard of cave, beyond the reach of enemy.

Why should a CEO follow Shivaji Maharaj?

It is very important for a CEO to understand the power of knowing the market in span and depth. This gives the CEO an idea of the market potential and also assists him in demand forecasting techniques and Guesstimate Demand patterns.

What should a CEO do?

  • Design beats, routes and journey cycles for the sales team sales consultant.
  • CEO should move on each beat and route himself to have a first-hand understanding of ground reality. This should be done at least once every quarter.
  • CEO should have a Man Friday on each Route.
  • Like Shivaji Maharaj, the SME CEO has to have first-hand knowledge of each route in order to manage the salesperson and their respective routes.
  • Collate as much data as possible on the TG(Target Group)
  • Convert all data into soft copy through an outsourced agency.
  • Upgrade all routes at least once in a year.


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