The Acronym called S.A.L.E.S.

Folks, today I want to introduce you to the spirit of SALES as is ensconced in the acronym “SALES” itself.

S So you have a need!

A And it’s intense!

L Loaded with desire to fulfill your need?

E Essential is slowly becoming “Vital” in your mind.

S Sure I can help you.

Do customers have a need?

Very seldom customers have any need. Normally they have desires which they motivate themselves to call a need at the time of purchase.

Does the need of a customer become intense at the time of purchase?

What is the syndrome of customer having a desire to fulfill his need?


How does an “essential desire” become a “vital need” for a customer?

Does this mean that the role of a salesperson is just to help the customer who is desperately trying to convert his intense desire into a need?

So next time, you go out to sell, remember the acronym called S.A.L.E.S.! Happy Selling!

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